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INDIGO ARTCHITECTURE takes advantage of the skills of different professionals who are able to offer specific focused experience for an organic design path. 

The main fields of the studio activities are the architectonic design, interior design, lighting design Bespoke Furniture and Art


INDIGO ARTCHITECTURE will deliver a unique fusion between the two different design aspects that offers custom-made furnitures and luxurious designs and Interior Design at its best. Most of the custom made furnitures made in are Workshop  are all carefully designed by furniture architects and designer  to deliver exquisite taste and elegance on each individual projects.


Experience the taste of Elegance and Luxurious Lifestyle Inspired by your Ideas, Concepts and Dreams with a touch of INDIGO INTERIORS ARTCHITECTURE  are a IBIZA (Spain) based Design and Project Management Consultancy firm. We specialize in offering Interior Design and Project Management services to the corporate and hospitality sectors. Our mission is to offer our Clients the highest standards of quality,finishings and creativity in Interior Architectural Design and Project Delivery consultancy services.



Today Indigo Artchitecture is able to deliver a variety of style going from Modern, Contemporary to Classic solutions in various spaces such as hotels, palaces, private residences, offices and commercial spaces.

seamless finishings meeting the clients timeframes and deadlines.



We take into account the dynamics of function, form, circulation,psychology and the specifics of materials,colors and textures; they incorporate

technology when needed and make use of what the existing site or nature itself has

given. In short, spaces of value are works of passion, dedication and a thorough balance

of these essential spatial components. In their essence, no two spaces are alike and

each is a reflection of the users and their outlooks.



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